about us

We are Celestial Fae, a performance troupe of dancers, spinners, roamers, and more. We strive to bring exciting and innovative experiences to the people and places we encounter and create lasting memories for everyone involved. We do this by learning from others, challenging ourselves, and working as a team to create the best specialty acts we can. 

Our Journey

We began our journey not long ago at One Love Festival at Lake Perris in 2017. There we took our first steps on stage dancing with artists such as Huglife and Diva Danielle. We built custom costumes for roaming, choreographed dances, and coordinated all of our looks. We made sure to include skills such as, LED dancing, silk fans, body painting, and character performance into our acts. Being apart of One Love Fest brought us closer together and taught us many lessons. We learned how important it is to support one another, to be flexible, and to give it all you got! We went to bed each night covered in glitter and muscles aching, but we woke up the next day always ready for more.

More Than Just Performers!

Not only are we dancers and spinners, we are content creators! Our team includes professional videographers, photographers, and editors. We aim to capture the experience at the event through film and photography. We then turn this footage into exciting videos that show the joy and love that encompass the events we perform with. We believe that capturing the experience is just as important as performing at them. These videos give your audiences a brand new perspective of the event and leave them with eager for more!