Masked Goddesses

Celestial Fae brings you the Masked Goddesses. Embodying the spirits of several animals, these goddesses represent the bridge between human, animal, and spirit. By reaching inside of ourselves we can find the strength of the animal spirits that guide us, and use this strength to spread knowledge, joy, and beauty to the world.

What animal lives inside of you?

Performance Reel

Performance Reel

Shot by Wilder Rush (@wilderthen)

The Geo Fox

Introducing the Geo Fox, follow this character throughout the forests and cityscapes of Southern California.

The Baelien Invasion Episode 1.

The Baeliens have come from outer space to learn what they can about human life, and teach them how to party like Baeliens do!

Hug Life Performance

Celestial Fae performs on stage with Hug Life during the Grateful Generation's One Love Fest.


Introducing the addition of Prima (@wildflowerprima) to our group! We celebrated the occasion by dressing the Liberated Heart sets and creating this quick video.

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